Different Ways Of Using Rose Water For Hair Care Along With Its Benefits

Different Ways Of Using Rose Water For Hair Care Along With Its Benefits

By kashish on 07 Feb 2020
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Roses are beautiful gift of nature. These delicate little flowers are god sent gift. Not only they look extremely beautiful but they also have multiple uses. From being used in food and drinks , they are also used for enhancing our skin and hair.  Since ages, rose water is extracted from the flowers and then is used for achieving healthy and glowing skin. For years we have been aware of rose water and its wonderful benefits on our skin but do you know as good rose water is for skin it is even more beneficial for our hair. 


Take a look at various benefits of rose water for our hair.


Rose water is know have anti inflammatory qualities. It helps in fighting any growing fungal infections in our scalp and also helps in getting rid of dandruff along with other issues like eczema and psoriasis. The astringent quality also helps in dealing with excessive oily scalp.

Balances PH

Just the way rose water helps in balancing the ph of skin it does same for our hair. Rose Water helps in repairing the damaged hair and also provide nourishment to our scalp to make our hair healthy and strong.

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Take a look at different ways you can use rose water for hair care.


Hair Wash

Nourish your hair by washing them with rose water. Boil 7-8 rose in the water and then let it cool down. Once the water has cool down, use it to rinse your hair.

Hair Masks

Make your hair strong, luscious and healthy by making a hair mask. Mix together rose water, egg yolk and honey and apply it on your hair for 20 minutes before you rinse it.

Hair Mist

Dealing with oily scalp. Just spray some rose water only our scalp and let it absorb, It will not only reduce the oil from your scalp but will also make your hair smell good and look bouncy.


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