V- Day 2020: Cute Manicure Ideas You’ll Want To Wear All Year Round

V- Day 2020: Cute Manicure Ideas You’ll Want To Wear All Year Round

By Samprita on 11 Feb 2020
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Are you a nail addict who is always on a lookout for reasons to get their nails done? So are we! Valentine's Day is almost here and that is enough a reason for us to paint our nails in pretty shades of red and pink with cute art.

These nail art ideas are so cute and easily achievable that you would want to wear them all year round. So, make the best use of this day and don your nails in different designs. Below are 15 nail art ideas from nude, black, pink and reds, handpicked for you especially, that you can show off while sharing pictures of the gifts you receive or as a symbol of self-love to celebrate your single status.

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