Aaya Mausam Aashiqui Ka! Hey Singles, Valentine's Day Is Here Again

Aaya Mausam Aashiqui Ka! Hey Singles, Valentine's Day Is Here Again

By Anuradha on 03 Feb 2020
Digital Editor

Valentine's Day is around the corner and love birds might be busy planning something special for their partner. Are you single? If yes then get ready as the festivals of love are going to start soon. You might feel frustrated again after watching roses and hearts everywhere. Frankly speaking, I never understood the concept of Valentine's Day. Why do you need a day to tell him that he is special? In this world when people do things to show off, they even forget to ask if they are happy.


Some people are single with choice whereas there are a few who haven't been lucky with love. Well, there are people who don't want babu, shona in their life.

Even if they don't believe in the concept of Valentine's Day, sometimes looking at happy couple makes us think if we will ever get someone. It is better to stay single than getting your heart broke by someone who is not worth it.

So, when you feel sad watching couples on Valentine's Day, just remember, you are not answerable to anyone. You can chill with your male friends and you'll be spared from all the boyfriend drama.

Tip: Celebrate the day with your family and friends. Go and watch Love Aaj Kal!

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