#BeautyHack: How To Treat Shaving Cuts & Nicks

#BeautyHack: How To Treat Shaving Cuts & Nicks

By Samprita on 30 Jan 2020
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If you have accidentally cut yourself while shaving your legs and now you are wondering are you even doing it right? I mean you are of course doing it the way it is supposed to be, but it's just not possible that you haven't accidentally cut yourself while eagerly removing that pesky hair that keeps you from wearing your cute skirts and favourite shorts. These cuts may look minor but are extremely painful and unpleasant and are an unmissable part of the shaving process.


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Even the pros can end up making this mistake, but that's totally fine because you can treat them in a jiffy. So, what do you generally grab to treat and heal the nicks? Use a warm washcloth or hold an ice cube against it?

Forget all those painful and stingy treatments because here we are with a quick hack for you all. Hold on ladies, this tip is going to change your life forever. And this useful hack includes one of your skincare basics. So, the next time you experience a bleeding razor cut, just try this amazing hack out.

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Rinse the cut with water and grab your lip balm to do the job. Yeah! It sounds weird but just think about it. What is the only item that can easily heal your dry and chapped lips in no time, can also heal your minor razor cut. These lips balms are made of hydrating ingredients like shea butter, aloe vera and nourishing oils like coconut that can help heal the cut faster. It also seals the skin and stops the bleeding, due to its waxy texture. We suggest you grab the classic Vaseline petroleum jelly tube and take some on a Q-tip or a cotton pad and then apply on the cut.


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