Kashmera Shah Tries To Play Cupid For Aarti & Sidharth In Bigg Boss 13

Kashmera Shah Tries To Play Cupid For Aarti & Sidharth In Bigg Boss 13

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By kashish on 30 Jan 2020
Digital Editor

Bigg Boss 13 has been the season that has managed to not only win over the hearts of millions of the fans but even get extension due to the amount of love it received from it fans. The constant fights, arguments, planning and plotting have managed to get all the fans hooked to the level that watching every episode just one time is never enough.


Presently "Connection Week" is the new Bigg Boss plot and we can see all the loved ones of the contestant living in the house and bringing their own level of tadka but the one who took the cake is actress Kashmera Shah who  was seen trying to set up her sister-in-law Aarti Singh with television hunk Sidharth Shukla.


Aarti & Sidharth  seem to share a good bond of friendship and fondness. They are not only always supporting each other but they also seem to pretty protective about each other. Actress Kashmera Shah took it up a notch  by trying to play cupid between the two.


In the last episode we saw, Kashmera telling Aarti how perfect husband material Sidharth is and that they both will look good as a couple. She also told Aarti that she will try and talk to Sidharth abut the same. Kashmera informed Aarti that she never saw Sidharth being protective over Shehnaaz just the way he is for Aarti to which the latter just kept on blushing.

Aarti on the other hand told about how both of them have different temperament. The episodes turned out superfine with all the connections bringing their own drama, gossips and advices. Lets see how this new week turns out to be.


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