All About Hair: Here Are The Hair Related Myths That You Must Stop Believing In

All About Hair: Here Are The Hair Related Myths That You Must Stop Believing In

By kashish on 30 Jan 2020
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Hair care routine is something all of ys follow religiously. Be it oiling our hair, making sure to shampoo and condition it thrice a week, using expensive hair care products and more. However, no matter what we due there are times when our hair stop cooperating with us, they snap, break, fall, suffer from dandruff and various other issues. Have you ever thought why does it happen even after all the care?


Well the answer is the fact that we have been blindly following some myths which we assume to be beneficial but on the contrary they have no benefits at all. There are multiple hair care myths which we should stop believing and following and take a look at some of them.

Shampoo less

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It is believed that if we wash our hair for less number times then our scalp won't produce oil which tend to make our hair look sticky. The truth is that it does not matter at all. Oil production in our scalp is due to the hormones of our body and no matter if we wash our hair for 10 times or one, oil production will remain the same.

Hair Trim

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Another myth his the fact trimming hair constantly makes sure that our hair grow fast but it is not true. Our hair grows half an inch every month irrespective of the fact we trim them or not. Trimming hair prevents split ends and frequent hair fall.

Cold water makes hair shiny

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It is said that washing hair with cold water makes them shiny. The fact is our hair are dead cells and washing them with hot or cold water does not make them shiny or new. To make our hair look luscious and glossy we need to use hair care products and refrain from using heating rods frequently.

Hair Brush

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It is said that brushing the length of our hair frequently will keep our hair strong and healthy. The fact is wrong. By doing so we cause hair breakage and cuticle damage which makes our hair weak and more frizzy than usual.


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