How To Properly Use A Jade Roller In Your Skincare Routine

How To Properly Use A Jade Roller In Your Skincare Routine

By Samprita on 27 Jan 2020
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Being a skincare junkie I am always in the search of new trends, products and treatments that exist in the beauty industry. Starting right from hydrating sheet masks to Vitamin C serum, you also may have tried a number of these skincare methods. And a new thing that got added to our list a few years ago was the jade roller and ever since it has gained a lot of popularity. Skincare enthusiasts around the world love this little beauty tool which claims to relax the facial muscles and offer a lot of other benefits.


Whether you already own a Jade roller or are planning to invest in one, did you know there's a right way to use it to its full potential to achieve the best results? Keep reading to find out what is the right way!

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How to use a Jade roller?

Step 1: Cleanse your face and do this step preferably during your night-time skincare regimen.

Step 2: Apply a facial oil or moisturiser that works best for your skin.

Step 3: Go, get rolling!

Now, here's a step-by-step guide for you to follow

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  • Cheeks and jaw: Place the roller on your chin and roll it towards your ear, applying medium pressure, around 5-6 times on both the sides.
  • Under eyes: Use the small end of the roller and start rolling from the inner eye towards the outer corner. Repeat the step at least 10-15 times and then switch to another eye.
  • Eyebrows: Follow the above method on your brows as well.
  • Forehead: Start from the centre of your forehead and roll towards your ears. Repeat 5-6 times before moving on to the opposite side of your forehead.
  • Jaw: Finish it off by using the small end of the jade roller to dig deep into the joint of your jaw. Apply some pressure and move it back and forth rapidly.


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