6 Things That Everyone Must Do Before They Get Married

6 Things That Everyone Must Do Before They Get Married

By kashish on 07 Feb 2020
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Life is all about experiences. We sum up our life by counting all the adventures, memories and experiences we have been through. Love, friendship, heartbreak, relationships, are all an important part of our life and we go through all of them at some point of our lives. Marriage is yet another most important phase of our life, that stays with us till the very end. It is a commitment of lifetime a promise for forever. Once we get married nothing can be undone. As we see our friends, cousins, relatives getting married, we tend to dream about ours but as good as that dream looks and the idea of getting married sounds, we need to make sure to never ever rush into marriage.


Marriage is not only about two people taking vows to be there for each other forever, there is a lot more to marriage than just happily ever after. In order to get married we need to be more than hundred percent sure and go through experiences that help us in growing up mentally, making us strong and prepared for the having a partner throughout our life. These experiences or life lessons as we call them will help in being subconsciously more understanding and agree-able for our married life.

Take a look at some important life lessons that you must learn before get married.

Self Love

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The biggest and the hardest truth of life is that we need to learn to love ourselves before we promise to love others. One must be able to love themselves during all their highs and lows, rights and wrongs and during best and worsts. To love ourself is to be comfortable in our own skin, by our own self. It is to be able to stand with head held high even when we are at the weakest point of our life. No matter how much we deny, the fact is and will always remain the same that, if cannot learn to love ourselves then we will never be able to successfully love any other person in our life.


When we say independency it does not mean to have a free reign. It basically means to understand the fact that we are our own person and we have our own set of ideologies, thoughts, opinions and values. We need to learn to know to never compromise with them and in any circumstance if we have to do so then it is a dealbreaker for us in that relationship. Every human has the right to stand and support with what they feel is right and nobody else should ever be able to make them feel wrong for doing so.



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As crazy as it sounds, heartbreaks are integral part of living and learning. Heartbreaks are important. They teach us the lessons we never knew we needed. It helps us in understanding what went wrong, what we did wrong, how to handle the situations, how to deal with the loss and pain and most importantly how to stand back again stronger than ever.


Trust is the pillar on which we stand. One can live without love but living without trust is impossible. Learn to trust not only yourself and your decisions but your partner as well. You cannot make your marriage successful if you wont be able to trust your partner. Even though it is hard but you need to learn to overcome your trust issues and look up to your partner and only then you will be able to make your relationship or marriage successful in the long run.


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Being with someone is a lot more than love and relationship. When you are sharing your life with someone you need to learn to be able to share and adjust. Moving into the house together, managing the house, sharing the finances, sharing chores and even lifestyle. You need to learn how to adjust and make adjustments that are suitable for both you and your partner to make your relationship easy and respectful.


When you  are in relationship you just welcome a partner into your life but heir family as well. You need to meet the family, learn to bond with them, understand their dynamics and relationships before you get married.

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