Desi Wedding: Everything You Need To Know About Chooda Covers

Desi Wedding: Everything You Need To Know About Chooda Covers

Bykashish on 23 Jan 2020 Digital Editor

When it comes to wedding shopping, nothing can beat the fun. There are unlimited choice, unlimited options and long list of things to select from. The task is tedious. From finding perfect bridal attire to finding matching accessories, footwear, cosmetics, invitation cards, etc. Every element requires to be perfect and in order to do that one must start shopping from months ago.

One of the most important thing that a bride must have is chooda. No bride can complete her bridal look without bridal chooda. There are endless varieties and colour options to select from. Wearing chooda has become a trend these days and to make them even better the newest accessory that you can add is chooda covers.

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Bridal chooda covers are the simply the covers that can be used to cover the chooda. It is said that bride is not supposed to see her chooda until her wedding processional arrives. During earlier days the choodas were covered using piece of cloth but nowadays they have been replace by beautiful covers that a bride can buy in coordination with her bridal attire.

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The brides for the most part prefer their chooda covers to match with their bridal attire. Therefore you can ask your designer to stitch the cover for you. You can also find them in online websites or at the local bridal accessory stores.

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The price of bridal chooda covers vary depending upon the material used to make them. They can range anywhere from 1000-5000 rupees.

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