These Are The Mistakes You Need Too Avoid Making While Curling Your Lashes

These Are The Mistakes You Need Too Avoid Making While Curling Your Lashes

By kashish on 14 Jan 2020
Digital Editor

The full proof way to make your eye lashes appear full of thicker and lengthy is by curling them before applying mascara. Curling eye lashes brings them to shape with the right amount of volume. It is a fairly simple and extremely common method that each and everyone of us tends to follow to add dramatic flair to our eyelashes. 


What most people don't realise is that even while following a technique as simple as this, they tend to make mistakes. These common mistakes tend to damage our lashes more than anything else. They tend to cause our lashes to break and fall, appear small and grow at slow pace.  Take a look at what are all these common mistakes and start avoiding them.

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Curling lashes after mascara application

This is simply the worst thing to do. Once mascara has been applied, our lashes tend to get stiff and curling them will simply cause them to break and fall. Instead of getting curled our eyelashes will get pulled out and fall off.

Pressing curler too hard

The right way to curl lashes is by simply pressing them lightly with curler for no more than 10 seconds and it's done. But when you tend to press the curler too hard while curling you lashes, it tends to break the lashes.

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Not cleaning lash curler

Due to continuous use, our lash curler tends to accumulate bacteria and germs. The residue of old eyeliner, dead skin cells, broken lashes, etc can cause the curler to not work properly and rather cause eye infection. Therefore make it a routine to keep your curler clean. You can use some rubbing alcohol and cotton pad to clean your lash curler.

Not replacing curling rubber pad

Over the period of time and regular usage of curler cause the rubber pad fixed on the curler to snap and break or loose its elasticity which will further make the curler ineffective. Therefore keep in mind to replace the rubber padding every once in a while.


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