To People Who Cry Themselves To Sleep, You Are Strong

To People Who Cry Themselves To Sleep, You Are Strong

By Anuradha on 14 Jan 2020
Digital Editor

After a busy day, you want someone to ask you, how your day was but unfortunately, you have nobody in your life. Yes, you are blessed with some amazing friends but they can't be always there for you. While scrolling Facebook, you see many happily ever afters and start thinking if you'll ever get that someone. This is the same story every day and you are tired of waiting now. You see, think and cry yourself to sleep.


Getting a message from a person is just an assurance that somewhere someone is thinking about you. It makes you feel that the day might be bad but it is going to be goodnight. What's stopping you from saying yes? Is it your past experience or you haven't got the one who is worth your efforts? Well, you better know your answer but I just want to say, you are strong. Probably, you have to wait a little longer for that special one but it is going to be worth the wait.

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To all romantics who yearn to be heard, I feel you. Life is tough but it will make you smile soon, I just want to say, stay strong and never forget that you are a wonderful person.

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