Can't Get Rid Of Dandruff?! All The Reasons Why You Should Stay Away From Oiling Your Hair

Can't Get Rid Of Dandruff?! All The Reasons Why You Should Stay Away From Oiling Your Hair

By kashish on 08 Jan 2020
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When is comes to hair troubles while the biggest issue we all faced is excessive hair fall, the fact that dandruff is also hard to get rid of cannot be denied. We all deal with dandruff at one or the other point of our lives and it is extremely hard to get rid of it. The root cause of dandruff is dry scalp but thats just not the only reason. People often try multiple remedies to get rid of dandruff and one of them is oiling hair. But what will shock you the most is the fact that oiling your hair can make dandruff even worse.


Oiling your hair is beneficial most of the time but it does more harm than benefits when you are suffering with dandruff.  It makes dandruff even more worse. Take a look at all the reasons why you shoal not oil your hair while suffering through dandruff trouble.

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Other then dryness the main reason why we suffer with dandruff is yeast. When yeast tends to over grow in our scalp it causes dandruff and yeast tends to feed on oil and dead skin cells, which causes rapid increase in dandruff.

Oils have saturated fatty acid and yeast which causes dandruff feeds on those fatty acids and spreads even more. It will cause increase in the amount of dandruff and even trigger hair fall.

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Some simply alternative solutions to get rid of dandruff.

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Tea tree oil is super beneficial to get rid of dandruff. Even though it is an essential oil, it is not not concentrated due to the addition of other elements. Mix a few drops of tea tree oil with your regular shampoo and regular use of it will help in reducing dandruff from the scalp.

Aspirin is another simple way to get rid of dandruff. If it works for headache then it will also work for dandruff, right?! Jokes apart, it does works for getting rid of dandruff. Just crush two pills of aspirin and mix them with your shampoo. Washing your hair on regular basis with aspirin mixed in shampoo will slowly help in getting rid of all the dandruff from your scalp.


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