#Mehendi : Take Notes Of These Tips & Make Your Mehendi Darker

#Mehendi : Take Notes Of These Tips & Make Your Mehendi Darker

By kashish on 13 Jan 2020
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Indian weddings are extreme. They are colourful, traditional and energetic. The atmosphere is wild and you can feel the energy in your veins. Traditional Indian weddings consist of multiple ceremonies. There is Haldi ceremony where bride and groom are cleansed with turmeric paste to make them glow, there is sangeet ceremony where all the guest rock the stage with their performance and make merry and then there is mehendi ceremony where all the ladies apply henna on their hands and legs.


Mehendi ceremony is loved by all the ladies, they get to decorate they hands with beautiful henna. It looks beautiful once it runs dark and stays for days. It doesn't matter if you are a bride or not, your simply want your henna to stand out with its bold and rich dark shade. While most girls try multiple different methods to turn is darker, there are few tips that not everyone might be aware with. Take a look at some of the easiest tips that you can follow to darken the shade of your henna.

Cloves help

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Cloves are known to have warming effects. All you need to do is to heat some cloves in a pan and when they start smoking you need to let your henna take in that smoke. Once you remove your henna you'll see the beautiful dark shade.

Lemon & sugar

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Old but effective. Mix some sugar along with lemon juice and use cotton ball to apply them over henna and let it dry only to repeat the process again.


Eucalyptus oil

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It is common and yet super effective method. Before you start with getting mehendi done apply generous quantity of eucalyptus oil on your arms and legs and it will help in turning your henna darker.


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Once you have scrapped of your mehendi, apply Vicks or index over your palms and keep them overnight to turn your henna dark. The warmth from the ointment helps in bringing out the beautiful dark tones.

Natural henna 

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You might not be aware with this but the natural the henna is the more darker it can get and will also stay for longer period of time as compared to chemical mehendi.

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