Wedding Fun: 6 Friendly & Amazing Activities That You Can Do To Make Your Wedding Memorable

Wedding Fun: 6 Friendly & Amazing Activities That You Can Do To Make Your Wedding Memorable

By kashish on 30 Dec 2019
Digital Editor

Weddings are the happiest occasion for both bride and groom and it also becomes of the most memorable day of their lives. Along with the bride and groom, weddings are important for all the guests and family members that become a part of it. This union of love is all about having fun, sharing happiness and having a good time with everyone. Every person present for the wedding is excited for all the functions, be it sangeet, mehendi, haldi or the cocktail party. From planning dance choreography for sangeet to deciding outfits for every function, wedding can be extremely joyous. 


Wedding season is on its peak and if your wedding is just around the corner then you must definitely not forget to plan some budget friendly and fun activities that will make your dream wedding even more special and unforgettable for you and your guests. These activities and the time you will spend together with your near and dear ones will make your wedding an event to remember.

Golgappa Eating Competition


If there is one thing that nobody will ever say no to, is chat. You can arrange for a friendly competition between team bride and team groom. Whoever eats maximum number of these sweet and sour golgappas will be the winner.

Qawali Competition

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Create a royal atmosphere and let all your guests bring out the singer from within them by arrange for qawali competition between team bride and team groom. You will be shocked to see how elders of both families will have endless list of tracks.


DJ Request Box

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Other than bride and groom, DJ is the person who is at most demand during the weddings. People often like to go to dj booth and request a song or two of their choice. While it is alright to make demands, it often gets chaotic for the dj to play all the songs that are told to him due to utter confusion. Set up a dj request box in the corner and let your guest thrown in the chits with song of their choice. This will ensure that every guests gets a fair chance to request their song.

Friendly Cricket Match


What can be more fun than playing cricket with all friends and family members. In a country where people are die hard fans of cricket it will be a hit. Not only that make sure to let winning team know that they can ask the loosing team to do anything, be it an impromptu dance or cheering for the winning team.

Food Truck 


Wedding functions tend to go al night long and once buffet is closed people often feel hunger pangs as they burn their energy not the dance floor therefore arrange for a food truck that will re-energize everyone and make them super happy with constant supply of their favourite munchies.



Show off your cutest and supportive gang during wedding by assigning them badges. These badge can be for your friends, cousins and parents. Get some badge saying "team bride" or "team groom" or you can also find some quirky ones saying "ladkiwale" and "ladkewale".


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