Reuse & Recycle: DIY Nail Paint Using Eyeshadow Makeup

Reuse & Recycle: DIY Nail Paint Using Eyeshadow Makeup

By Samprita on 17 Apr 2023
Senior Digital Editor

Let's get this straight... All the ladies have at least two or more eyeshadow palettes lying around on their beauty shelf waiting for you to use them for quite some time now. But what happens at last? They have to be thrown out because they get expired, right? And it would be no exaggeration at all if we have to say that discarding it almost feels like giving away a piece of your heart. *tears rolling down the cheeks*


What if we tell you that you can upcycle your unusable or expired eyeshadow to make a custom nail polish colour? Cool ain't it?

To start, if you have a dark eyeshadow colour that is lying in your makeup kit for ages now, you can simply make a stunning new nail paint out of it. It may sound a bit of a task right now, but you can achieve it in only 5 simple steps.

Here's a step-by-step tutorial for the nail paint:

PinterestPhoto from Pinterest

Step 1: Take a bottle of clear nail paint ( you need only two-third of the product so you can use an old one)

Step 2: Next, crush the eyeshadow properly till the time you achieve a powdery formula. Make sure there are no lumps in the eye powder.

Step 3: Make a cone out of a smooth paper to perform as a funnel.

Step 4: Now, with the help of the paper funnel you created, pour the eyeshadow powder in the bottle of clear nail polish. If any powder gets stuck at the mouth of the bottle, then take a toothpick to push down any leftovers in the bottle.

Step 5: Close the bottle and shake it well so that you get cloudy consistency in your new nail colour and get set to use it for gorgeous nails always!


Feature Image: Pinterest

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