3 Brilliant Ways To Use The Extra Serum From Your Sheet Mask

3 Brilliant Ways To Use The Extra Serum From Your Sheet Mask

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By Samprita on 12 Dec 2019
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Who doesn't enjoy a relaxing sheet mask session, right? They are hydrating AF, hassle-free and an on-the-go skin facial. The only sad thing that comes along is that you have to throw it out after one single use. Well, what if we tell you that's not it? You are pretty aware that excess serum is always left in your sheet mask packet? You can use that too and acquire some additional skin benefits.


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Here are three such ways in which you can use your sheet mask leftovers and get more out of the few bucks you have spent.

#1 Use it as an after mask serum

Massage your skin with the leftover serum in the packet after you are done with your sheet-masking sesh. This step would lock in the moisturise and make your skin feel all hydrated and plump. Next, wash your face and pat dry. Now take the leftover serum and massage it into your skin. Rinse your face again and follow up with a moisturiser for glowing skin.

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#2 Prepare a DIY mask

If you have a decent amount of product left in the packet, you can also DIY a sheet mask of your own. Simply refrigerate the packet and drop a fresh cotton sheet mask capsule in it and use it whenever you want to next. Let the dry sheet mask soak up the essence for a few minutes before you use it.

#3 Body moisturiser 

Unlike cream and clay face masks, you cannot apply the sheet mask on your neck area. That's where you use the excessive product to good use. Rub the extra serum on your neck, hands and chest - mainly on the dry areas and wash it off when you remove your sheet mask.


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