#SkincareTips: 4 Kitchen Ingredients That You Must Avoid Using If You Have Dry Skin

#SkincareTips: 4 Kitchen Ingredients That You Must Avoid Using If You Have Dry Skin

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By kashish on 24 Dec 2019
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When it comes to skincare most of us believe in using natural kitchen ingredients that are more beneficial and have less chances of causing any allergic reaction. If turn the pages of little black book from our nannies and grannies then most of secret and beneficial skincare tips constitute kitchen ingredients like turmeric, gram flour, rice flour, etc. 


However what most of u fail to realise is the fact that not all ingredients are suitable for everyone's skin. We all have different skin types and hence the reaction and effects of different kitchen ingredient on people are different. One thing that all of us should keep in mind while preparing natural skincare product from kitchen ingredients is that we should keep the notes of items we are using based on the age, skin types and weather.

Just the way we require different skincare products for use in summer and winter season in exactly same way our skin tend to react differently to kitchen items during different season and on different skin types. With that being said, take a look at 4 kitchen items that people with dry skin should not use while making natural scrub, mask or face pack.


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Cucumber is soothing and provides relief to skin. But it should not be used during winter season as it has astringent properties that can causes rashes and burns on skin specially in under eye areas.

Rice Flour

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Rice flour is often used in face masks due to its skin tightening properties. It has high content of starch that can make skin dry and feel extremely stretchy. It will make your skin feel leathery and will cause wrinkles t develop on skin.


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Lemon is rich in anti-oxidants and is used in almost every skincare remedy and product. It has highly acidic and therefore must not be used during winter season as it will make skin super dry and can also cause skin to burn or develop rashes.

Gram Flour

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Gram flour is used in multiple skincare remedies, we use it for making face packs, scrubs, ubtan. While it has futile skin benefits, people with dry skin should avoid using this during winter season. It has oil reducing properties and it will cause the skin to loose all the nourishment which will be required during winters.


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