4 Ways You Can Pamper Your Skin & Make It Look Healthy & Glowing By Using *Lal Chandan*

4 Ways You Can Pamper Your Skin & Make It Look Healthy & Glowing By Using *Lal Chandan*

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By kashish on 10 Dec 2019
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Pollution, dust, stress, lack of sleep, excessive in take of caffeine are a few reasons among many so as to why we have to deal with dry, dull and blemishing skin. Our skin has to go through various problems and there comes time when even the best skin care products fail to work their magic on our stubborn and excessively damaged skin. 


All these skincare products don't have much effect on our skin, for the first reason is that our skin gets more damaged than expected and the second yet most important reason is the fact that all these skincare products are made with chemicals. Chemical based products cause more harm than benefit, therefore most of the time we are recommended to use home remedies as they constitute all the products that are natural and have no side effects.

One of the most beneficial and amazing ingredient is red sandalwood aka Lal Chandan. It is super effective and is primarily used for skincare. It treats acne, gets rid of blemishes, cured sun burns and cools down the skin.  It is available in the market inn the powder form and here are some common skin problems that you can say goodbye to, with the help of lal Chandan.

Get rid of Dead skin using Red Sandalwood

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Making a face pack using red sandalwood will not only get rid of all the deerskin cells but will also cool the skin down and rejuvenate the skin.

Mix together one tablespoon of red sandalwood along with two tablespoon of mashed papaya. Apply it on your face for 20 mins and then rinse it.

Say by-bye to Sun Burns with Red Sandalwood 


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Mix two tablespoon of cucumber juice with red sandalwood and apply the paste pin all the areas which are sun burned. Allow it the pack to cool down your skin for 30 mins before you rinse it with cool water.

Say no to Breakouts after using Red Sandalwood 

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Almost everyone has to suffer with acnes and pimples on frequent basis. Use cool water, some honey, turmeric and red sandalwood to make a face mask that will help you in treating all the acnes, pimples and their scars.

Hydrate your skin with Red Sandalwood

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One of the best property of red sandalwood is that it is super hydrating. Mix it with some coconut oil and apply it on the dry areas of your skin and wash it off after 20 minutes.


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