We Aren't Safe! Outrage Over Priyanka Reddy's Rape And Murder Is Making Us Wonder If Candle March Is Enough

We Aren't Safe! Outrage Over Priyanka Reddy's Rape And Murder Is Making Us Wonder If Candle March Is Enough

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By Anuradha on 03 Dec 2019
Digital Editor

Do you remember the gruesome Nirbhaya Gangrape case of 2012? Well, who can forget it? There were protests, candle march and outrage all over the country. After condemning such issues, the government made strict laws but seems like nothing has changed on grounds because nearly after a decade we are witnessing another inhuman act where a 26-year-old veterinary doctor, Priyanka Reddy, was gang raped, murdered and burnt by a group of men. At 9 pm, the lady called her sister saying that tyres of her vehicle were punctured and a group of men was making her feel uneasy and scared. It was her last phone call and after that whatever happened is currently the headlines of almost every newspaper and news channel.


After every such incident, there are protests, debates, candle marches and our politicians condemning the act. This time it was no different but do you think this will bring change? The problem lies in the mentality of Indian men. Some say rape happened because of short dresses whereas there are a few who suggest girls not to go out in the night. Girls are always judged for their choices. They are well educated, independent but still fighting to stay safe in the country where ladki Lakshmi ka roop hai.

Our political leaders in the parliament assured that they are going to make strict laws but looking at Nirbhaya's victims alive till now, is making us wonder if this country will ever become safe for women.

Not only this, apart from this case, 15 cases on violence have been reported in just one week.

The government of India has many concerns like Ram Mandir and protecting cows but seems like women security is nowhere the priority.

From the past so many years, ladies have been screaming from the rooftop about their stories of sexual harassment. People listen, say sorry and then move on.

Looking at these crimes against women, all we can wish is that may God never put us in Priyanka Reddy's shoes.

Feature Picture- The Hans Media, Jagran

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