4 Reasons Why You Should Stray Away From "Fish Pedicure"

4 Reasons Why You Should Stray Away From "Fish Pedicure"

By kashish on 02 Dec 2019
Digital Editor

Beauty treatments can also be as weird as they come. Every now and then a new beauty treatment comes, that will either get you freaked out super curious about it. One among such kinds of treatment is Fish pedicure. The pedicure took the internet by storm and suddenly everyone wanted to get their feet bitten by multiple small fishes. While it seemed all cool, the reality of this pedicure is not so good.


Take a look at 4 major reasons that tell, why you should stay away from fish pedicure.

Cruelty to fishes

This pedicure requires special kind of fishes known as Garra Rufa fishes. These fishes are imported from middle eastern countries and many a times they die while being imported as they cannot survive the long journey. Also they seem to feed on our dead skin because they are starving and not because they want to eat dead skin.

Pedicure mishap 

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Unlike your average trained nail artist of manicurists, fishes are just small species feeding on dead skin. There are chances that instead of ending up with soft and smooth feet you might just up end up with uneven skin and bleeding areas where the fish bit a little more than necessary.


There are chances that the tub you dipped your feet in might now be cleaned, sanitised or disinfected. Since the tubs are full of fishes, cleaning them can be a task in itself.

Chances of Infection

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The fishes are known to carry various bacteria which can cause you nasty and painful infections. These tubs also become storehouse for diseases due to breeding of fishes.


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