How To Remove Glitter Nail Polish Easily

How To Remove Glitter Nail Polish Easily

By Samprita on 27 Nov 2019
Senior Digital Editor

The festive season is here and that reminds us of glitter and confetti. And what more stunning than sporting the sparkly nails for the right holiday vibe. They are classy, pretty and fun... but removing them is a DIFFERENT story altogether. It may take up to three hours, two bottles of nail paint remover and a lot of patience! Not just that, it is quite messy and your nails end up becoming all rough and weird because of all the constant rubbing.


This simple and cool hack will ensure that the stubborn glitter nail polish will come off in no time. Here's what you need to do!

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Step 1: Soak a cotton ball in the nail paint remover of your choice, preferably something with Vitamin E in it, so it doesn't leave your nails feeling dry. Place this acetone dipped cotton ball on your nails.

Step 2: Secure the cotton ball, on your nail with a small rubber band or cover the nail and the cotton ball in a strip of aluminium foil for it to do its magic. This will ensure that the cotton ball is firmly wrapped around your nail and keep it in place.

Step 3: Now wait for about 8-10 minutes for the nail polish remover to its job.

Step 4: Now swiftly slide the cotton ball off the nail. This sliding motion will help in taking the glitter nail paint off with it. Later, if you see any residue remaining, just soak another cotton pad with some nail paint remover and wipe the glitter from your nail.

Once all the glitter nail paint has come off completely, simply sit back and applaud how easily you were able to remove the ziddi glitter paint from your nails.

This solid plan even works for gel polish and it is one of the easiest nail hacks that we have ever got our hands on!


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