#Lipcare: Beetroot Remedies for Soft & Pink Lips

#Lipcare: Beetroot Remedies for Soft & Pink Lips

By kashish on 27 Nov 2019
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Beetroot is a common vegetable in most of the households. It is known to stain everything it gets in touch with. The beautiful pink stain is what we all want on our lips, the little tint that can make our lips look fuller, soft and plump-y. Along with giving you pink tint beetroot has various other benefits as well. It gets rid of flakiness and makes lips soft and supple. That task of making your lips soft and supple is not easy no matter how many chemical induced products you use. The fact that beauty can be achieved using natural products is guaranteed cannot be denied.


Take a look at some of the simple remedies that you can do it yourself.

GCBCPhoto from GCBC

Make smooth paste using beet root, mix it with little milk and use to scrub your lips. It will help in hydrating lips.

TigemsandmixesPhoto from Tigemsandmixes

Mix beetroot paste with sugar and few drops of olive oil to exfoliate your lips. This will help you in getting rid of chappiness

HealthlinePhoto from Healthline

Mix beetroot paste with some shea butter and rose water. Apply the mask on your lips for 30 minutes before washing them with cold water.


All the above remedies can be repeated frequently and will give you wonderful results.


Pictures- GCBC, Tigemsandmixes, Healthline

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