15 Colourful Tattoo Pictures To Inspire You

15 Colourful Tattoo Pictures To Inspire You

By Samprita on 06 Dec 2019
Senior Digital Editor

Just like we don't limit our wardrobe or makeup looks to black and white, then why should we do that with tattoos? Don't you agree? Colours make everything so much brighter and fun! Some of the colourful tattoos we found on Pinterest were made with rainbow colours and OMG we couldn't take our eyes off. A colourful tattoo is the same as a black and white tattoo - except the artist uses bright neon inks for it.


Colourful tattoos feel and heal the same way as a B/W would. However, a colourful tattoo may not last as long as a black & white one. Colours tend to fade away much faster in comparison but touching it up with a sunscreen every now & then, may help protect it.

Whether opting for a tiny or a big one, we promise they are totally worth it!

Without further ado, keep scrolling to for 15 colourful ink ideas for you first or your next body art appointment!


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