15 Christmas And Holiday Nail Art Designs

15 Christmas And Holiday Nail Art Designs

By Samprita on 13 Dec 2022
Senior Digital Editor

Everyone has a different way of celebrating the holidays and what better to experiment with some gorgeous nail art designs. Right? Christmas month has finally begun and we are all set to feel the festive vibes on our nails!


There are a ton of cute designs to choose from - glitter, snowflakes, candy canes and many more. So, get ready to turn on your Christmas mode on and take a look at our 15 non-basic, colourful and bold Pinterest nail art to stand out this Christmas season!

#1   Here's a mix of all that shouts *CHRISTMAS*

74226704fd6f6fdba7a0fa6678dab8e9Photo from Pinterest

#2 Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer 


0b11133d341c72478fe3369654fd2985Photo from Pinterest

#3 'Tis certainly the season for sparkles


c5b2b7706bee127bcc7c481d2f02a97bPhoto from Pinterest

#4 Issa Christmas candy cane kinda month...

e7c1f0e2366fcd300e744d9bb871cbbdPhoto from Pinterest

#5 Match your sweater looks!

f7a62961201fd9b53356d7c44e828744Photo from Pinterest

#6  Snow globes to snowflakes, December has it all

0d583164ebc47a8c1c84b7aa746bafd1Photo from Pinterest

#7 Decorations on nails, YAY! 


23d50458777f435296401ee8b5fb64b8Photo from Pinterest


21d33d94575f7ddbf67abe4a1b81d0a8Photo from Pinterest

#9 Party on your fingers! 

6ae7203776bbf495d96af194778a27f7Photo from Pinterest


aa8a3371c380a4edac3539021f1e9f01Photo from Pinterest



41298c48e8e611041783fc4fe735e4d3Photo from Pinterest


ed83028b215c4ea50fbd339a3cdf8501Photo from Pinterest


d46cbdc4d53064148ce350b7159c4993Photo from Pinterest


b0bac1728ac0d42b6322186bc1816a00Photo from Pinterest


d46ecb8e987979a1688e965b4c45ccf6Photo from Pinterest

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