How To Make Natural Hair Detangler Spray At Home In 3 Easy Steps

How To Make Natural Hair Detangler Spray At Home In 3 Easy Steps

By Samprita on 14 Nov 2019
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Tangled hair is more complicated and tough that relationship these days. There's nothing more we can say about that. All the ladies who spend a generous amount of time in detangling their hair at the end of the day are aware that the struggle is real! And, the straighter your hair is, the more it is prone to get tangled.


And do you know what's even worse? Eagerly combing your hair to get rid of the tangles which not only results in a painful scalp but also happens to be an arm workout and *ouch* that hurts! One of the significant reasons why most of us end up losing our hair from breakage and thinning is because we are not detangling our hair in the right manner.

The easiest way out to do it is with a hair detangler spray. Yes, you heard it, right ladies! Coating your hair with a detangler spray before you start styling or combing your hair will help strengthen the hair, making it more manageable. The detangler spray will also help protect your hair from any further damage like hair loss and breakage.

The good news for you today is that you can make your own DIY hair detangling spray at home. A hydrating leave-in conditioning spray will not only add moisture to your mane but also help in detangling hair without any product buildup.

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So, without any further ado, here's a quick & easy 3-step guide to a homemade hair detangling spray recipe:

Step 1:  Mix together 12-15 drops of lavender or rosemary essential oil, one tablespoon of argan or sweet almond oil and half a teaspoon of aloe vera gel.

Step 2:  Pour the above mixture in a spray bottle and fill the bottle with distilled water.

Step 3:  Shake the bottle to blend the mixture with water and spritz on your hair like you would use any other hair spray. Use the detangling spray before brushing or combing your hair.

Voila! Here you have smooth and silky locks on the go! 


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