There Was An Infection Which Was Hurting Badly: Shweta Tiwari On Separation With Abhinav Kohli

There Was An Infection Which Was Hurting Badly: Shweta Tiwari On Separation With Abhinav Kohli

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By Anuradha on 14 Nov 2019
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After a failed marriage with Raja Chaudhary, TV actress Shweta Tiwari get married for the second time with Abhinav Kohli in 2013. However, she recently made headlines when she accused her second husband of domestic violence. Many reports surfaced online but the lady stayed mum on the whole matter. As she is gearing for her TV show, Mere Dad Ki Dulhan, she addressed the issue while talking to a leading daily. Shweta called her second marriage poisonous.


The actress stated that the marriage was like an infection that she has removed. In her interview to Hindustan Times, she said, "There was an infection which was hurting me badly, I got it removed. People thought it was my hand, part of my body, but they need to understand it was poisonous and I had to take it out. And now, I am healthy again. Don’t think I am trying to portray myself as happy, I am actually happy."

She further added, "If my one hand stops working, I won’t stop living my life. I will start using my other hand. Similarly, if one part of my life goes wrong, I won’t stop leading my life. I have to look after my life, my kids, their school, their doctor, my house, my phone and electric bills."

This is known to all that our society never think twice before judging a lady with a second failed marriage. Talking about it, Shweta said, "I want to ask those people who are saying how can her marriage go wrong even for the second time. I want to ask them why can’t things go wrong. At least, I have the courage to face it and come out in the open and talk about the problem. Whatever I am doing today is for the betterment of my family and my kids. There are so many people out there who are married but still have boyfriends and girlfriends. I think I am better than them; at least I have [the] guts to come out and say dude I don’t want to stay with you."

On a related note, Shweta will be seen sharing the screen space with Anjali Tatrari and Varun Badola in Mere Dad Ki Dulhan.

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