Girl Designs Visiting Card For Her Housemaid, Now She's Flooded With Jobs

Girl Designs Visiting Card For Her Housemaid, Now She's Flooded With Jobs

By Samprita on 11 Nov 2019
Senior Digital Editor

How often do we oblige and be thankful for the people who work for us? When was the last time we expressed gratitude for their presence in our life? Well, even little things we do can make a huge difference in their life.


Dhanashree Shinde, a digital marketing executive from Pune did something special for her housemaid Geeta Kale and it is amazeballs. Her maid became an overnight sensation because of Dhanashree's small & good gesture. She designed a visiting card for her maid, Geeta and shared it online.


Ever since the unique visiting card was posted on the internet, Geeta's phone hasn't stopped ringing. She has received over a thousand messages on WhatsApp and people have been calling her nonstop for job opportunities.

" I don't know what to do next but I will start looking for new work", Geeta told Dhanashree and that is when she decided to put her digital marketing skills to use for a noble cause.

Dhanashree spoke to a media portal and revealed how she designed the card with Geeta sitting next to her." “I called her from the kitchen and asked her to sit beside me to note down the rates of her household chores. In the next two minutes, the card design was ready.

" To it, I added a small line saying 'Aadhaar Card verified' to let people gain confidence in her. I place the order for 100 cards and we received a bunch of cards after two days. I gave her the cards and asked her to distribute it to a few watchmen of nearby societies", she added.

Isn't this beautiful guys? The Internet put to the right use. We hope Geeta maushi gets a job she likes!


Picture Credits: Facebook

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