ChaiLover: These Are The 5 Types of Chai You Must Try

ChaiLover: These Are The 5 Types of Chai You Must Try

By kashish on 11 Nov 2019
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Chai is the pehla pyaar of every desi person. We cannot live without chai and it's just not our need but our reason to survive, at days.  A cup of chai is enough to make our day brighter, gets us to concentrate better and focus on the task in hand. The atom of brewing tea, the first sip all feels like true love. It is a fact that our rainy days cannot be complete with a cup go piping hot tea and pakoras to go along with it. 


With all that being said, making chai is no less than art. The art of brewing the tea, the task to make sure that the ratio of milk to water should be perfect, the amount of sugar is perfect. If you are an avid chai lover then there are these 5 types of chai that you must definitely try and experiment.

Masala Chai

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A refreshing cup of masala chai just what you need on some days. Add a little ginger, chai masala (consisting of anise, close, cardamom), sugar and milk. Bring it all to boil and voilaaa, your masala chai is ready.


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A soothing beverage from Kashmir that will make you feel like heaven. You can make kahwa easily by boiling together cinnamon, sugar and cardamom powder for few minutes. Add tea leaves into the mixture cover it with lid and boil for few more minutes. Strain and serve it hot.


Turmeric Chai

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Super chai is what we can refer this blend of perfection in a cup. Its full of anti oxidants and anti inflammatory components. It is also known as Haldi Tea. Boil water then add tea leaves, haldi and few drops of lemon, bring it to boil before adding honey. Strain and your healthy cup of tea is ready to be relished.

Strong Chai for Winter

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This blend of spices and tea is just what you need on cold, chilling days. Start by making spice blend by grinding together 10 grams of holy basil, 20 grams of turmeric, 3 sticks of cinnamon and some black pepper. Add this spice mixture to you chai blend and boil and your winter chai is ready.

Lemon-Honey Chai

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Honey lemon tea is perfect cure for the days when you feel under the weather. Boil 3 cups of water and add tea leaves, honey and few drops of lemon.  Once you test is ready, you can enjoy it.


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