10 Chic Plaid & Gingham Nail Art Ideas You Can Try

10 Chic Plaid & Gingham Nail Art Ideas You Can Try

By Samprita on 08 Nov 2019
Senior Digital Editor

Winters have finally knocked on our doors and we are all set to welcome this cosy season with fun. Stylish plaid shirts symbolise the onset of winters and we are sure that every girl out there has one in her wardrobe. Now thinking of the two things we love the most - plaids and nails, why not give cute plaid nail art a try! Sounds exciting, right?


If you don't know what these designs are about then Gingham and Plaid are well-known check patterns used in fabric and clothing. Gingham is always is white plus another colour. Plaid are checks with any combination of colours. The lines in gingham have the same width, and the lines in plaid have different widths.

Plaid nails are enough to instantly get you into the festive mood. Also, this pattern is universally flattering and you can make it in any colour combination you'd. When it comes to how to create straight lines and verticals for your design, tapes and stickers will do you a great favour.

Scroll down this post to find out 10 pretty and chic plaid/gingham nail art ideas and hope you can get inspired for your next mani session!

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