Yeh Dilli Hai Mere Yaar! Delhi Air Quality Hits Worst Levels & We're Not Surprised

Yeh Dilli Hai Mere Yaar! Delhi Air Quality Hits Worst Levels & We're Not Surprised

By Anuradha on 05 Nov 2019
Digital Editor

If you are a Delhiite then you have been breathing toxic air for the past so many days. The air quality has reached toxic levels and an emergency has been declared in the northern belt of the country. People have been complaining of cough, headaches, congested sinuses and more. Have you ever imagined waking up to a layer of smog covering the entire city? 


The Environment Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority has banned bursting of crackers during the winter and construction activity. This is India, here politics exists everywhere. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal blamed neighbouring states for this situation. He took to the micro-blogging site Twitter and said, "Delhi has turned into a gas chamber due to smoke from crop burning in neighbouring states. It is very imp that we protect ourselves from this toxic air. Through Pvt & govt schools, we have started distributing 50 lakh masks today. I urge all Delhiites to use them whenever needed."

Check out his tweet:

When we were just trying to recover from the dreaded air pollution, disturbing pictures of the polluted Yamuna river surfaced on the internet. In it, devotees can be seen performing Chhath puja in the toxic water that had white foam floating on the surface of it.

This is not the first time something like this is happening. We have been seeing it for the past so many years. However, strict action from the government to prevent such situations is still awaited. 

Stay safe Delhi...

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