7 Pro Tips About The Right Way To Use Beauty Blender

7 Pro Tips About The Right Way To Use Beauty Blender

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By kashish on 04 Nov 2019
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When it comes to make up, the most important tool that we need is a beauty blender. Beauty blenders are the small special fibre sponges that help in application of makeup. They have gained extreme amount of popularity from past few years. It helps in blending makeup, smoothening out the sharp lines and pushing makeup into the skin. The best part is that not only beauty blenders are easy to use but they are also affordable. If you just a beginner or looking out to make most of your beauty blender investment,  then take a look at some easy tips or makeup hacks that will help you know about using the tool in the best way possible.


Colour is important

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If you think that colour of the beauty blenders don't matter then you cannot be far from truth. Different colours of beauty blenders are for different purposes. The one in pink colour is known as original beauty blender and it can be used for any product. If you are the one who likes to use dark foundation then black beauty blender is the best for you. It is known as Pro and it does not get easily stained. White beauty blender is dye free and is used to apply moisturiser.

Use gentle cleaners

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Even though beauty blenders are made with special good quality fibres and cannot easily get broken down, not is recommended to use gentle solution to clean them inorder to avoid them wearing out quickly.

Dry beauty blenders can help in correction


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There are moments when we tend to over do blush or highlighter. During times like those just press dry beauty blenders on those spots and voila, it will absorb the excessive makeup.

Make most use of beauty blender

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Beauty blenders come in different shapes and the reason for it is that it can be sued in different ways. While round edge is used for pressing foundations across cheeks and forehead, the pointed edges are used too press makeup near nose and under eyes.

Pour foundation on your hand first

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People tend to put foundation directly on beauty blender, which is wrong. Pour foundation on your hand first. It not helps in warming upto the product but it also prevents wastage.


Multiple makeup use

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Beauty blenders are used not only for applying foundation but they can also be used for powdering face, applying blush, highlighter and contour.

Press it on the skin

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The best way to make your foundation look blended and to give your make up as natural look as possible is by pressing it into the skin when using to apply makeup.



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