Does Eating Fried Food Can Cause Breakouts And Acne?

Does Eating Fried Food Can Cause Breakouts And Acne?

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By Samprita on 04 Oct 2019
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Old - good fried snacks are the quintessential comfort food of all times. Especially in this changing season or when you are PMS-ing, you really can't keep your hands to yourself but reach for a crispy fries to munch on them till the time your heart feels at ease.


You then feel guilty looking at the empty packet and hope this wrongful treat doesn't show up on your face in the shape of a pimple. And, if you are born with acne-prone skin and get a pimple every time you nibble fried food, you need to read this.

Here are the reasons why fried food affects your skin health and causes acne, and what all can you do about it. Because let's get real, we can't give it up completely and we would never want you too.

Why fried food is to be held responsible for acne:

Fried food like donuts, fries, chips and samosas are stuffed with saturated fats and refined carbohydrates, which in turn make your skin produce more oil. More sebum on your skin, resulting in more acne. That's where the horror begins...

Also, these high-fat snacks have high sugar or salt content that affect your hormone levels and facilitate acne development. The end verdict being, fried food cause your skin to produce oil and, thus, clogs and spots. But what is the solution to this problem?

We think there might be one solution and here it is for you'll to start implementing it right now!

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Replace your fried foods with baked alternatives

Now, thankfully you don't have to give up on your chicken popcorn, fries or burgers! The healthier and safer alternative is to move to baked food. Simply swap the fried snacks with the healthier baked version of the same food. You can now easily find baked potato chips and fries and can have them too without even worrying about acne. Baked foods require your snacks to have just a light coat of oil to bake, rather than being dipped in fatty oils.

Not only are they healthy but won't produce excess sebum or create a mess with your hormones. Opt for oils that are healthy like extra virgin olive oil to bake and to keep acne at bay. If you are willing to eat healthy and achieve clear skin, you could try replacing potatoes for sweet potatoes. Just keep taking one step at a time and you'll surely ace it!


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