9 Unusual Beauty Tips That Actually Work

9 Unusual Beauty Tips That Actually Work

By Samprita on 09 Apr 2021
Senior Digital Editor

So we've heard about snail and fire facials but closer to the basic ones, there are some weird and surprising hacks that people use or try to look their very best. We did our fair share of research and got our hand on some of the strangest beauty fixes that every woman must know! Here's the list...

  • For a perfect pout that is free from any lipstick on your teeth struggle, try this simple hack - Make an O with your mouth, stick a finger in your mouth and pill it out to get rid of excess lipstick.

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  • Use cinnamon oil to get fuller & plumper lips. The spice in the cinnamon will increase the blood flow to your lips and also add some natural colour to your lips.
  • For days when you're running out of the door (in a hurry) with an oily scalp, keep some baby powder handy. If you don't want to invest in dry shampoo then fret not, the baby powder does the same job at a much lesser value. Just dab some on the scalp where needed, absorb it well so no white cast is visible and voila here you have an oil-free scalp.

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  • For mornings when you haven't taken the required hours of your beauty sleep, a cold spoon is what you need. Take it fresh out of the freezer, and placing it on your eyes for a few minutes will do the trick.

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  • Another smelly, but worth a shot tip turns out nails dipped in mashed garlic for stronger nails.
  • Another hack, which even Lady Gaga swears by is this weird makeup removal trick - using scotch tape to get rid of stubborn makeup.
  • Now you can eat mayonnaise and feed your hair some too. The oil base of mayo helps in strengthening and adding shine to your hair.

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  • The malic acid present in strawberries helps in whitening your teeth to give them a natural shine.
  • If you have run out of your favourite lip colour, then here's a quick makeup fix for it-  you can rely on some slices of beetroot to splash some colour to your lips. This is tried & tested!

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