6 Amazing Perfume Hacks To Make Sure You Smell Good All Day Long

 6 Amazing Perfume Hacks To Make Sure You Smell Good All Day Long

By kashish on 25 Sep 2019
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Perfumes are luxurious. They smell like dreams and make a person more alluring.  Many a times people are judged by the fragrance they use or the way they smell. A person should always smell wonderful, no matter what time of the day it is. It is an attractive quality. It is a task to find the right fragrance for yourself. A fragrance that you can wear everyday without suffering from headaches or without getting nauseous. Perfumes have notes that they are based on, like-musky, oud, metallic, floral, candy, etc. Based o0n your choice and preferences, you can buy the right fragrance for yourself.


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The fact about good perfumes is that they tend to last for longer period of time but the issue arises how to make sure that they last as long they claim. There are a few tips and tricks that you should follow and they will help in making sure that you smell absolutely wonderful all day long. Take a look.

Store perfumes in cool & dry place

As per the research, humid and hot environment tends to breakdown the perfume which further reduces the quality of product. Storing fragrance in cool and dry place ensure the quality of the fragrance.

Use vaseline jelly

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Perfume does not last long on dry skin therefore it is suggested to apply dots of vaseline petroleum jelly on all the points where you are going to spritz the fragrance. Vaseline holds on to the perfume and ensure that it stays for long period of time.


Pulse points 

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Pulse points tend to have a little more warmness and retaining power. When perfume is applied at those points they tend to diffuse screens throughout the body and stay for a longer period of time. The major pulse points in our body are wrists, neck, behind your knees, calves, ankle, behind your ears, in your elbows and at the back of your neck.


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Perfumes tend to last for longer period of time on oily skin than dry skin therefore always make sure to moisturise your body well before spraying perfume.

Walk through the fragrance

If you cannot handle strong or are sensitive to fragrances then instead of spiriting perfume directly on your body, spray it in the air and simply walk through it and allow it to rest and get absorbed by your body.

Spray on your hairbrush

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Perfumes can also be used to make sure your hair smell as good as you. Spritz a little perfume on your hairbrush and brush your hair with it. This way your hair also smell good and no damage is caused to them.


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