The Zoya Factor: Dulquer Rises & Shines High In The Lows Of The Average Rom-Com

The Zoya Factor: Dulquer Rises & Shines High In The Lows Of The Average Rom-Com

By kashish on 20 Sep 2019
Digital Editor

The only factor that we were able to understand from the film is average and predictable plot line with sweet and intense chemistry between Sonam & Dulquer. While the movie is quiet enjoyable to watch with funny one liners now and then and Dulquer's amazing performance which might grab all your attention throughout the duration of film, it is sad to see that Sonam is not able to support her role as Zoya.


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The film is about girl Zoya who everybody believes to be the lucky charm for Indian cricket team. Every time she eats along with the players the team is witnessed winning the matches whereas one time when she did not eat with the team made them loose the match and firmly believing on this theory everybody simply starts taking their emotions for Zoya to extreme. Making her a goddess and worshipping her for good luck. If you area cricket fan we are sorry to say that you will be disappointed to see that major plot of the film does not revolve around the film but towards the love story between Zoya & Nikhil.

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The starting of the movie will make you feel as if its only dragging but the film takes a huge energy boost after interval and it is when plot takes major turns and twists. While it seems that Dulquer and Sikander Kher rise and shine with their on point acting skills, Sonam fails to deliver in acting her role. Angad Bedi who is shown in the film having villainous streak delivers impressive performance but his role/ character in the film betrays his performance.

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As far as one is to be concern with cinematography, there isn't much we can say about it. Sonam addressing the audience seems to be fresh and at the same time a fatal flaw due to the lack of depth in her portrayal of Zoya.  Zoya Factor without any doubt is another average predictable room-com but if you just can't get enough of Dulquer, you should book your tickets for sure.


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