10 Shayaris On Heartbreak That Beautifully Capture The Feeling Of A Broken Soul

10 Shayaris On Heartbreak That Beautifully Capture The Feeling Of A Broken Soul

By Anuradha on 20 Sep 2019
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Have you ever suffered heartbreak? Well, all of us have. There is no denying the fact that being in love is an amazing feeling but people don't always get the opportunity to spend life with the person they want. Well, life is unpredictable. They say poetry is the best way to express your feelings. So, we have something in store for you.


Love is a complicated feeling. From giving butterflies out of love to tears of separation, it is hard to express what you feel. Some call it a happy dream whereas others suggest people no to ever fall for it. However, there are some poets who have understood our haale-e-dil and created some gems that feel relatable.

From talking about unrequited love to feeling of loneliness, we have some amazing shayaris that will surely touch your heart. Have a look:

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Dealing with a heartbreak 

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Wishing you would not have met him

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True love

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The pain of unrequited love

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It is nearly impossible to save yourself from the pain if you are in love. Lucky are those who are happily living their lives with their 'one and only'. So, if you have also experienced the feeling of separation then these shayaris are for you. Don't forget to share these with your friends who also like poetry. Also, let us know which one was your favourite.

Love Hurts!

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