Already Bored?! Here Are 5 Ways You Can Get Rid Of Your Hair Colour At Home!!

Already Bored?! Here Are 5 Ways You Can Get Rid Of Your Hair Colour At Home!!

By kashish on 16 Sep 2019
Digital Editor

They say the best way to move on to any phase of life the best way is by getting hair transformation. The best and easiest way to change look is by experimenting with hair. You can get new hair cut or get new hair colour. The best way to play with your hair and overall looks is by taking on new hair colour every now and then. We all to get our hair coloured in ways that sometimes we look amazing and sometimes we end up looking weird. 


The facts that all the changes and experiments damage our hair also cannot be denied. And if our experimental hair colour does not look great then getting rid of hair colour nightmare is not at all easy. Thinking about adding a layer of new hair colour to cover the bad hair is also not an option since all the hair stylist recommend the time period of 8 months for allowing hair to recover from previous damage.

The only way to get rid of bad hair colour is by using some simple and super effective home remedies which will not only serve their purpose by making your hair colour few shades lighter, but will also not cause any further damage to your hair. Take a look.

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Mix baking soda with lemon juice and apply the m mixture to your hair. While lemon juice will bleach your hair a little and fade away your hair colour, baking soda will help nourishing your scalp. Wash your hair after 20 minutes and do not forget to condition.

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Crush 2 tablets of vitamin C  and mix it with your shampoo and apply it all over your hair for 5 mins before you rinse your hair. You can then use conditioner to make sure your remain soft and silky.

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Cinnamon and honey are natural hair lightening agents. When you mix them and apply your hair it helps in naturally bleaching your hair. Allow the mixture to rest on your hair for 15 mins before you shampoo and condition.

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Make a paste like mixture using epsom salt and few drops of water and apply it on your hair for 20-25 minutes and then shampoo and condition your hair. Epsom salt is also lightening agent which will cause your previous hair colour to fade away without causing any damage to your hair.

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Vinegar is the magic you have been looking for. It might take multiple tries but apply finger on your hair for 5 mins before rinsing them will surely help in eventually fading away your hair colour.



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