6 Amazing Makeup Tips That Work Like Magic On People With Acne Prone Skin

6 Amazing Makeup Tips That Work Like Magic On People With Acne Prone Skin

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By kashish on 04 Sep 2019
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Most of us love to apply makeup and look flawless. Not only does it makes us look even prettier but it also helps us in boosting our confidence. However there is only so much that we can experiment with our skin. Every time we apply different style of makeup or use new products we sought of experiment with our skin. While it is not an issue for people with smooth skin is becomes a major turn off for those who have acne prone skin.


If your skin is acne prone then it means your skin is super sensitive and even slight changes can cause the breakouts. The clogged pores, excess oil, etc can further cause the skin to develop irritation. Hence, people with acne prone skin need to take multiple precautions and tweak their methods of makeup application in order to prevent their skin from getting further disturbed from acnes.

Take a look at some simple yet magical makeup tips that will ensure the safety of your skin from the acne, all while making you look exquisite.

Use Acne Fighting Foundations

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Use acne fighting foundations instead of your regular foundation. It will not only make your skin look flawless but it will also prevent your skin from developing acnes.

Go for Oil Free Primer

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Avoid using oily primers that will further make your skin look extremely greasy and clog your pores causing breakouts.


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Use concealer to hide and cover all the acne scars and blemishes. A nice creamy concealer will just do that perfectly.

Opt for Natural Blush

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It is suggested to add natural blush to your look. People with acne often forgo blush to avoid the redness that also comes with acne. Adding blush to your makeup look lifts up your face.

Use Setting Powders

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Setting powders not only lock the makeup to your face but it also prevents your skin from becoming excessively oily and making your face greasy.

Keep Blotting Sheets

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Blotting paper helps in absorbing all the excess oil from your skin which helps in keeping your makeup intact and not looking as if it has split.



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