Saaho Movie Review: Prabhas And Shraddha's Film Is High On Action But Low On Emotions

Saaho Movie Review: Prabhas And Shraddha's Film Is High On Action But Low On Emotions

By Anuradha on 30 Aug 2019
Digital Editor

After the huge success of Baahubali, actor Prabhas became a household name. Thus, when makers announced his new project, Saaho, cinema lovers were waiting for it with bated breathAfter many speculations, it was confirmed that actress Shraddha Kapoor will be featuring with him in this mega-budget film. The trailer received a positive response and now the film is finally out. Will Saaho be able to break the record of Baahubali? Let's find out.


In the film, the actor plays the role of an undercover police officer who is in the mission to investigate a robbery worth Rs 2000 crore in Mumbai. As it is a high budget film, a lot of money has been invested in locations, action sequences and more. The film gets into action mode very quickly. We get introduced to our leading man Prabhas in full swag. He fits the role perfectly. His larger then life screen presence will surely make girls go week in knees. This is totally different from what Prabhas did in Baahubali.

Shraddha is introduced as a tough cop but later she becomes a damsel in distress. It seems like the writer didn't pay much attention to refining her character. Chunky Pandey as an evil character manages to impress.

The film is definitely high on action as the sequences have been choreographed by Hollywood action director Kenny Bates. It won't be wrong to say that the action part was sorted. However, the problem lies in the story. In this era, when we are witnessing such great stories, Saaho doesn't give any surprise. It picks pace in the second half but the weak narrative doesn't let it work. At a certain point, the film tries to make you laugh but jokes fall flat.

Overall, the film will disappoint if you are looking for Baahubali magic. You can give it a try if you are a Prabhas fan but do remember to leave your brain at home as Saaho is going to leave you exhausted.

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