10 Yoga Poses That Are Extremely Beneficial & Pain Relieving For All The Mommies-To-Be!

10 Yoga Poses That Are Extremely Beneficial & Pain Relieving For All The Mommies-To-Be!

By kashish on 29 Aug 2019
Digital Editor

It is often stated that pregnant women should be extremely active so as to avoid complications during their pregnancies and to ensure baby's good health. Most of the time the doctors suggest all the mommies-to-be to continue with light workout routines or to do yoga as it not only keeps them healthy but also helps in strengthening the body. 


More than often all the pregnant ladies prefer to add yoga in their routine because not only it is safe, yoga also helps in stretching the body and relieves all the mommies-to-be from body aches and discomfort that comes along with the pregnancy. It reduces the stress, creates awareness against all the changes that body goes through and prepares for safe delivery of the babies.

Most women suffer from extreme discomfort and body aches on different parts of their body from lower back to hips, doing different types of yoga poses reduces all the body pain and opens all the locked joints. Take a look at some of the easiest and suitable yoga poses for all the mom mies-to-be.


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Parivrtta Sanchalasana


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Supported Matsyasana

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Upavistha Konasana

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Sukhasana variation


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Eka Pada Kapotasana

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