7 High End Foundations That You Can Splurge On For The Ultimate Glam Look!

7 High End Foundations That You Can Splurge On For The Ultimate Glam Look!

By kashish on 29 Aug 2019
Digital Editor

Finding the right shade of foundation is not an easy task. There are multiple factors that one needs to keep in mind while purchasing the foundation. Is it the right shade, what coverage is it that will suit us fine, do we need foundation with dewy finish or matter finish, full coverage or light coverage and the list goes on. 


As tedious as the task is, the results are always amazing. Finding a foundation which has the perfect shade, finish and coverage is extremely fulfilling.  Right foundation makes up a beautiful canvas to create magic with makeup. There are over 100 different, high end and luxury brands that offer wide range of foundations that can cater to the needs and demands of millions of people.

To find the right foundation for you we share with you some of the best picked and highly recommend foundations that will not only make you look glamorous but will also keep your skin glowing and healthy.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation

lottielatelyPhoto from lottielately

Charlotte Tilbury's Magic foundation is an extremely lightweight foundation that offers splendid coverage without making your skin feel heavy. It has long lasting formula and it keeps skin soft and smooth throughout the day.

Guerlain Lingerie De Peau Invisible Skin Fusion Foundation

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Lingerie De Peau melts on your skin and offers subtle and natural look making you face look flawless.

Dior Forever Skin Glow

nicolished.comPhoto from nicolished.com

Forever skin glow has gives amazing coverage and has long lasting powers that makes your skin look radiant and healthy.

Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Foundation

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A celebrity favourite, this light weight foundation has watery formula that blends like butter on your skin and give es it matt finish. It is most suitable for people with dry skin.

Chanel Les Beige Healthy Glow Foundation


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Chanel Les beige is one of the best foundation to be used on regular basis. It not only makes your skin glow but it also protects your skin from all the environment aggressors. It gives sheer coverage and soft focus finishing.

Yves Saint Laurent Le Tint Touche Éclat Foundation

daniellejasminePhoto from daniellejasmine

YSL has managed to magic in a single bottle. Le Tint Touche Éclat is luminous, lightweight and gives dreamy coverage. It is highly recommended and a must buy if you want to look all diamond and dreams.

Clinique Even Better Makeup Foundation

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Those who want to conceal their little imperfections and uneven skin tones this foundation is just the one for you. With its powder like texture and medium coverage, Clinique Even better is one of the best foundation that will keep you and your skin glowing and happy.


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