Move On! These Signs Prove He Is Not In Love With You

Move On! These Signs Prove He Is Not In Love With You

By Anuradha on 06 Sep 2019
Digital Editor

Love comes with its own confusion. Even if we like someone, there are chances that he may not like us that way. Relationships are complicated and sometimes you'll question yourself if he is really into you. From making you happy to giving you tears, love is capable of doing many things. However, you should always be confirmed if the guy is really in love with you.

Confused? Here are five things that prove that the guy is not into you. Read on and see if it happens to you.

If he always chooses other people over you then his priorities are clear. You have to accept the fact that you don't have the top position on his list.

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He hardly pays attention to you. You do work out, stop yourself from eating junk food just to stay in shape. However, he doesn't even care to notice.

He gives more attention to his phone than you. He might be chatting with his friends or checking his Facebook but clearly, he is not interested to know how your day was.

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He doesn't think twice before flirting with other girls without thinking that this may hurt you. If he feels reluctant talking about his relationship status then maybe he is not into you and is looking for other options.

He doesn't make efforts to keep you in his life. After every fight, if you are the one who always say sorry despite his mistake then its time to move on.

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