Here Are Top 5 Reasons Why Face Mists Are Beneficial For Your Skin

Here Are Top 5 Reasons Why Face Mists Are Beneficial For Your Skin

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By Samprita on 22 Aug 2019
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If you don't know what all hype face mists have been creating in the beauty industry, then you are truly missing out on an amazing product. The humidity and heat during the monsoon can make your skin feeling dull & dry. A spritz of a hydrating face mist can refresh your skin, perk up your makeup and leave your skin looking glowing.


Do not mistake a setting spray for a face mist, as they both have different formulas and perform differently on your skin. A face mist is made of hydrating ingredients that deal with skincare. Setting sprays are made with cosmetic ingredients that seal in the makeup to sustain its longevity.

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Now that you know the difference between the two, let us enlighten you with a few effective things that a face mist can do!


Gives you the glow from within look

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Spray a face mist below the base of your foundation and wait till it is completely absorbed in your skin and the continue with your foundation routine. This would give you a dewy effect and helps blend the products better.



Keep tight-feeling skin at bay

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Long flights or spending hours in air-conditioned rooms may make your skin feel tight & dehydrated. Avoid this by spraying a face mist that soothes & hydrates your skin and refreshes your makeup.


Helps seal in moisture

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After you apply a moisturiser, spritz a little face mist and then apply your sunscreen. This additional step would help you in two ways! It would serve as a final layer of moisture beneath your sunscreen, which will lock it in. And it would also help in giving your skin a dewy effect below your makeup.



Provides better payoff with makeup products

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This is a useful trick many makeup artists use on a regular basis, that is to use a spray mist on the beauty blenders and makeup brushes as it will add intensity to the colour pigment of your cosmetics and will help you in blending the product effectively.


Touch-ups made easier

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Reaching mid-day and your makeup has begun to become dull already? Instead of using the usual compact routine, we suggest you to spitz some face mist that will hydrate that will refresh your makeup and hydrate your skin. If you still wish to use a little powder then wait until the spray has dried completely and then dust the powder.


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