Tum Hi Ho! 5 Ways To Say *I Love You* Without Actually Saying Those Three Magical Words

Tum Hi Ho! 5 Ways To Say *I Love You* Without Actually Saying Those Three Magical Words

By Anuradha on 21 Aug 2019
Digital Editor

There is nothing beautiful than hearing I love you from the person you like. However, relationships are fragile these days. Therefore, people think twice before saying anything. Not everyone is good in expressing his or her feelings. After all, we all are different. Just because a person feels shy to say those three magical words that doesn't mean she is not into you. Some people say 'I Love You' whereas some prove it with their actions.


Do you also find it difficult to express your feelings in front of him? Well, here are 5 ways you can show him that you are madly in love with him without actually saying 'I love you'.

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It's ok if you can't say it but there is always an option of letting him know what you feel for him. Send him sweet messages. Well, love letters can never go out of fashion.

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Try to know him. Keep his likes and dislikes in mind. Men also deserve to be pampered. Do things that make him happy. Little things count in a relationship.

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You may have arguments but don't let it come between you and him. Say sorry first even if it is not your mistake. He should know that he is more important for you.

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Keep flirting with him to make your relationship exciting. Isn't it amazing to see him blush? Let him feel that he is special.

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