6 *Korean Beauty Hacks* That You Must Include In Your Routine For Flawless Skin

6 *Korean Beauty Hacks* That You Must Include In Your Routine For Flawless Skin

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By kashish on 19 Aug 2019
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Koreans with their amazing television shows, boy bands and skincare have managed to create uproar all across the globe. From K-Pop music to Korean Drama shows and Korean skincare products people are going gaga over them. With time all of them have gained immense popularity. But talk of the towns are the amazing Korean beauty brands and products whose magical results have had people dying for them.


Korean beauty products and skincare routine has become so popular that major skincare brands from all over the world are investing in Korean companies because of the quality of products and their guaranteed and effective results. After looking at their favourite K-celebrities people have been dying with curiosity to know the reason behind flawless glass skin. And the answer lies not only in the Korean beauty products but also in the methods, tricks and skincare habits that Korean people have developed and have been following over the years too preserve their skin and make it look youthful.

Almost everyone in Korean has baby soft skin that glows like brightest star in the sky. If you are a major fan of Korean skin and get inspired by their skincare products and routine then here are a few skincare hacks for you that will help you in achieving gorgeous, smooth and flawless skin like that of your favourite K-Pop star.

Skin Massage

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Face massage is a part of Korean skincare routine. Massaging face using moisturiser is extremely beneficial and should be done everyday. Not only by massaging your face you help you skin to absorb moisturiser but massaging skin also improves blood circulation and makes skin look healthy and glowing.

Lip Oils

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Oils are known to be extremely beneficial as they extracted directly from the product and remain in the most natural form. Develop a habit to apply olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil or any oil of your choice on your lips overnight before you go off to sleep. Oils hydrate your lips, make them soft and pink without causing any stickiness.

Consume Barley Tea

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Barley Tea is one of the most beneficial tea and hence it is the reason Koreans swear. by it. It is rich in anti-oxidants and helps in improving blood circulation and texture of the skin. You should consume Barley tea on daily basis to enjoy its benefits in long term.

Use Overnight Mask

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While we sleep at night, it is the time for our skin to repair and heal. Using an overnight mask for skin helps in boosting the skin further. Using overnight skin mask not only hydrates the skin but it also makes the skin super smooth and healthy.

Air Dry your Skin

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It is recommended by Korean skincare experts to avoid using towel to wipe the face. Towels contain bacterias that damage skin when they come in contact with our skin and so it is suggested to allow your face to0 dry naturally.

Mouth Exercise

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As weird as it sounds Koreans believe in doing mouth exercise as it improves blood circulation hence making face glow naturally and appear healthy.



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