How To Cleanse Your Face Post-Workout And Why It Is Important

How To Cleanse Your Face Post-Workout And Why It Is Important

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By Samprita on 08 Aug 2019
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Sweat is salty in nature and we are sure you are aware of this fact. When you allow the sweat to dry on your face after working out in the gym, the salt present in it can cause your pores to clog and result in pimples and other skin issues. Also, salt is a natural drying agent, therefore you wouldn't want it to sit on your skin after a workout session. So what do you ideally do? Use a good face wash pos work out in the gym!


If you are a fitness freak and love to workout at the gym, make sure you wash your face immediately after and prevent sweat sesh related skin breakouts. And, make you keep the following points in mind.


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  • Grab a good face wash right after the workout session, as you would not want the dirt, oils and sweat to lather on your skin and clog the pores. This is one significant rule you cannot break.
  • Use a mild cleanser like a milk-based one or a gel-based cleanser and make sure the one you opt for shouldn't dry out your skin.

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  • Use lukewarm water to wash your face and finish it off with a rinse of cold water. The warm water will help clean every bit of dirt clinging on your skin and the cold water will help in closing back the pores.

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  • Make sure you always pat your skin dry. Never rub the towel on your skin while you wipe your face. Dragging the towel on your face can irritate your skin. Do gentle pats and dry your face and air dry your skin at the end.

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  • Relax your skin with a moisturiser that has the ingredients to replenish the moisture and nutrients it has lost due to sweating in the gym. Apply a soothing moisturiser post your gym face wash.


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