4 Mistakes That You Need To Avoid While Applying Eyeliner!!

4 Mistakes That You Need To Avoid While Applying Eyeliner!!

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By kashish on 09 Aug 2019
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Eyes are said to be the windows to the soul and these windows are the first part of our body that grabs attention of people and drags them towards us. Therefore it is extremely important to make sure that we enhance the beauty of our eyes by applying makeup and giving them more intensity.  While we all have our favourite eye makeup looks that we often like to do, kajal and eye liner are the common products that most of the ladies use since no makeup look can ever be completed without them. 


Kajal and eyeliner are staple makeup products that can be found in every woman's kitty. On one hand applying Kajal is super easy task, it is eyeliner that most ladies end up messing, be it liquid or gel or even liner pen. We all use different tricks and methods to apply eye liner and while we develop a routine using the easiest method of application, there are chances that we have been applying eye liner in a wrong way all this time.

Take a note of 4 common errors that most of us tend to make while applying eyeliner.

Using wrong formula

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Some of us are not as pro as others in applying eyeliner which means liquid eye liner is just not the right one for us. For all the ladies who like to take their sweet time while applying eye liners they should invest in tip eyeliners or gel eyeliners instead of liquid eye liners as they tend to dry super quick. If you are one of those clumsy person with unstable hands then gel eyeliner is not the right product for you. Applying gel eye liner requires steady hands otherwise you might end up looking like a koala. You can always use liquid or tip eyeliner.

Tugging eyes

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This is the most come error that most of us do while applying eye liner i.e tugging our eyes to create perfect wing. Well, we have got a news for you and that is you will end up making the skin around your eyes loose and the chances of developing wrinkles around your eyes also increase due to all tugging and pulling eyes.

Regular application of eyeliner

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Eyeliner is a dark pigment that is not only hard to remove but its regular application tends to increase your dark circles and paves way for premature development of wrinkles. Therefore every once in a while you should skip applying eyeliner and go on without it.

Shape of eyes

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Every person has different shape of eyes which means if wing eyeliner looks good on one person it might not make your eyes look equally good. This happens due to the fact that all of have different shape of eyes. while some people have large almond shaped eyes some people have fish like eyes. If you have small yes and you tend to apply thick eyeliner then it will further make your eyes look even smaller. You need to understand the shape of your eyes before you apply eyeliner.


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