4 Easy Styling Tips Every Petite Girl Must Know!

4 Easy Styling Tips Every Petite Girl Must Know!

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By Samprita on 03 Apr 2023
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Have you ever been called out as 'shorty' or  'baby' in your girl squad? Well, looks like short girls are always surrounded by taller friends and it becomes quite difficult to hand. Ah! We know the pain. Height is something we cannot change but it is our duty to help you find the best ways to endure it.


Bringing to you are some simple tips you can implement in your wardrobe styling that will make you look taller, without having to wear the heels.


Anything high-waisted is your BFF. Okay? Okay.

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Wearing high waist bottoms are the best way to help elongate your legs and accentuate your figure. Pair your high waisted shorts, skirt or bottoms with a tee for a day-to-day casual look or with a stylish shirt for a chic day-out look.


Tuck that TOP in!

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Tucking in your tops will help in making your legs look longer and would also give a neater look to your overall style. Opt for a fitted top with slimmer sleeves to streamline your figure further for an elegant look.



Choose vertical stripes

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Wearing vertical stripes makes your body appear longer than it actually is and also gives you an adequate slimming effect. On the contrary, wearing horizontal stripes can make you look shorter than you actually are, so maintain your distance from horizontal stripes if you wish to add a lil' illusion of tallness to your look.


Prefer v-necks and off-shoulders over EVERYTHING

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V-necks and 0ff -shoulders have a charm of their own that can grab eyeballs, drawing their eyes towards the upward di8rection and creating depth that enhances your shoulder area. This also helps create the illusion that you are looking taller than usual.

Spread the word with your short but cute friends and help them get the ideal look!


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