6 Essential Tips People With Sensitive Skin Should Keep In Mind During Monsoon Season!

6 Essential Tips People With Sensitive Skin Should Keep In Mind During Monsoon Season!

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By kashish on 22 Jul 2019
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Taking care of sensitive skin is a tedious task. It's not only summer and winter seasons when you have be extremely cautious while dealing with your skin. During monsoon when the atmosphere is super humid and you have to deal with sticky heat, your skin tends to become even more demanding, irritated and fussy. In order to deal with super fussy sensitive skin during rainy season you need to be tactful and show extremely delicacy towards it. To save you from the pain of experimenting with your skin, for knowing the do's and the don'ts; we  share with you some of the best and essential skincare tips that will keep your skin to its best.


 Use gentle skincare products

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In order to get rid of all the dirt and grim from your face you need to use gentle skincare products that will make your skin clean without causing it further damage. The most suitable skincare products will be the one that do not strip your skin from its natural oil and shine but help you in painting it in the best possible way.  A mild skin cleanser or face wash is highly recommended.

Don't overdo

When dealing with sensitive skin you need to learn when to stop and rest. Be gentle and avoid over touching your skin or washing your skin after frequent intervals. You must also not over exfoliate or cleanse your skin. While over washing, exfoliating or cleansing will cause your skin to become irritated and dry, by touching it frequently you will transfer bacteria and germs on to your skin that can further cause breakouts.

Exfoliate your skin on regular basis

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You need to realise that exfoliating is extremely important irrespective of what season it is. You must always exfoliate your skin even if it is once a week. Just keep in mind to exfoliate gently and not on frequent basis. Exfoliating will help in getting rid from all the acquired dead skin cells from the skin and keep the skin hydrated.

Check the composition of your skincare products

Often ties there are some chemicals present in the skincare products that can cause your sensitive skin to develop irritation or itchiness. Always keep a close eye on all the ingredients that used in the composition of your favoured skincare products and avoid using the products that can cause your skin to damage.

Hydrate your skin

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Regardless of what weather conditions are or can be remember that your skin always requires hydration. Therefore remember to moisturise your skin using gentle moisturiser. Use a moisturiser that can not only hydrate your skin but also nourish it, for radiant and flawless skin.

Make a habit to patch test

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It is suggested to always do a patch test before applying the product directly on your skin during monsoon so as to know if that product can cause irritation or itchiness to your skin . Apply a little or some product in your inner wrist or at the back of your ear to know if its suitable for you to use or not.


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