5 Mistakes Women Should Avoid While Wearing A Saree!

5 Mistakes Women Should Avoid While Wearing A Saree!

By kashish on 19 Jul 2019
Digital Editor

Saree is one of the most gorgeous ensemble that any woman can ever wear. Even though it is traditional Indian garment and has been worn by women since centuries, it seems like saree can also not run away from the touch of modernisation. Over time the fashion and style related to saree has also changed. Gone are the days when saree used to be worn old women everyday, now people all over the world are going gaga over how sexy and sultry saree can look. 


There are various new and trendy styles that can be seen sarees. These days you can easily find pre-draped sarees, lehenga sarees, sarees with dhoti or sarees with fancy corset or crop top kind of blouses. While all of these latest upgrades look amazing and make a woman wearing saree look even more attractive, there are certain things that every lady try to wrap a saree should keep in mind to avoid looking awkward or to prevent malfunctions.

Do not drape your saree too high or too low

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You should always drape your saree after wearing your footwear. By doing so you know the right level where you can drape your saree perfect;y. Don't drape your saree too big or too low. I Saree should sit somewhere below the label and the pallu should be from centre to shoulder.

Do not wear ill-fitting blouse

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A blouse can either make or break your look. Always remember to compliment your heavy embroidered saree with light blouse whereas if your saree is a little simple then you can pair it with heavy blouse. A perfect fitting blouse will make you look even more gorgeous whereas an ill-fitting blouse can cause wardrobe malfunction.


Pick your petticoat wisely

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Always make sure that your petticoat's length and the colour matches to that of your saree. You don't want to pair a short petticoat with a sheer saree as it will be visible and if your petticoat is extra long then it will drag from under your saree.

Wear right undergarments

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Wearing right undergarments is really important as they make your body look even better. When you wear a blouse with thin straps then remember to wear strapless bra and if your blouse is backless then make sure you wear a padded blouse with pre-inserted cups.

Do not make lots of pleats

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The pleats of the saree are meant to be in exactly centre of your waist below the naval. Sarees are not meant to be worn with too  many pleats always remember that. 6 to 7 pleats are the ideal number of pleats. If you are not good at making pleats then you can always wear pre draped sarees that are needed to be zipped from the side of your waist and you are done. No need to fight with saree for hours before draping it.



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